Culinary Team


David Feldman

We believe that an event is more than the sum of its parts; it is a holistic experience informed by total attention to detail and strict standards of excellence. That’s why we have eschewed the traditional catering model for events in our premier spaces, choosing instead to bring in major culinary talent to develop a food and beverage program that matches the quality of our venues.

Executive Chef David Feldman leads the innovative culinary team at Merchants Exchange Productions. Originally from Washington, DC, his move to California sparked an eclectic culinary journey.

With five years of experience already under his belt, Chef Dave made his way from the Beltway to the Golden Gate at the age of 21, spending seven weeks on a temperamental motorcycle with no starter. As his culinary career has evolved, so has his ride. You can now find him zipping around town on a bright yellow Ducati.

Once he arrived in the Bay Area, his culinary education found another gear at a gastronomic haven called Greta’s Café. As a young server, Dave overheard Greta lamenting she did not have a good soup maker and he offered to make his specialty soups for her. The rest is history.

Following his stint with Greta’s Café, Chef Dave moved on to Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine positions in Sacramento at Scott’s Seafood Grille & Bar, The Capitol Grille, David Berkley Fine Wine & Specialty Foods, 58 Degrees & Holding Co., and Paragary Restaurant Group where he learned the value of precision in preparing every component of a dish.

In 2007, Chef Dave moved into the Executive Chef position with Piatti Ristorante. He credits his grandmother with his rise through the culinary ranks, “My grandmother taught me to taste foods. She was a perfectionist and an awesome chef. I can’t duplicate her recipes, but like her, I love delivering fresh creations to the table.” Drawing upon his fierce perfectionism instilled at a young age, Chef Dave enjoyed years of success at Piatti Ristorante.

Chef Dave returned to the Bay Area in 2013 to join the Merchants Exchange Productions team as Executive Chef. Today, he oversees the culinary programs for Credo Restaurant, The Julia Morgan Ballroom and The Merchants Exchange Club, three properties located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. Taking a page out of his Grandmother’s culinary playbook, Chef Dave seeks out the freshest and best local artisan-produced ingredients that play a major role in his menu development.

A seasoned talent with an impressive breadth of experience, Chef Dave is committed to delivering exceptional food and service to all guests in the Merchants Exchange Productions environment.