The Club Reborn

The Club Reborn

For nearly 100 years, the Merchants Exchange Club served as the unofficial gathering place of San Francisco’s movers and shakers: the financial elite, high-powered lawyers, merchants and brokers. In 1997 the Club closed its doors and the lights went out on a major chapter in the City’s history. Until now…

After spending 15 years in darkness beneath the iconic Merchants Exchange building, the Club has been reborn as San Francisco’s newest — and most exclusive — event venue. Stunning architectural details, rich finishes and the striking reemergence of three historic murals, each colossal in scope, make the new Merchants Exchange Club a sight to behold. And when paired with its opulent upstairs sister venue, the Julia Morgan Ballroom, the Club is an even greater draw for event planners coordinating multifaceted events requiring flexibility.

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